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MadMax Technologies Ultimate SMS Lite Android App.

Ultimate S.M.S. is not just a regular S.M.S. application. Apart from sending S.M.S. in English, you can select and send S.M.S. up to eight different languages.

* Send a SCHEDULED S.M.S. to more than one person per minute.

Tracks your cell phone location coarsely and sends notification of the Location of the Lost Phone to two Phone Numbers periodically.
* Customized INBOX - Customize your inbox SMS into three categories, Ordinary, Private and Spam.
* Security Features -   Encrypt / Decrypt Private Inbox SMS, Send Encrypted SMS to anybody (they need to have Ultimate SMS App to decode your encrypted sms).
Note : 

(1) Only private inbox messages can be encrypted.
(2) To Send encrypted SMS, fill in the no.(s) and message, then by hold Send SMS button upto 1 second.

*Remotely control your Android phone through an SMS.
* Remotely locate your phone by network
* Message notification

* Remote SMS alarm

* Remote SMS Profile Change

* Remote SMS Contacts Backup upto 50. [Unlimited in Pro Version]

* Wipe phone Contacts & SMS

* Erase SD card.

Whats New in 3.6 :

This is a major update, now you have an additional tab containing Sent SMS .

Instructions on how to use Ultimate SMS Lite --

                1. Set your two alternate phone Numbers.
                2. Set your Password for your Application.
                3. Check/Uncheck Preferences..
                a) to be notified when Sim Card in your phone changes.
                b) to self monitor Network Cell-Id and its Strength.
                c) to set scheduled/Timed SMS.
                4. Set your Language here.

Send these SMS Codes to remote control your Android Phone..
1. cell details (Sends an SMS about Network Cell Location.. )

2. siren  (Plays a Police Siren for 30 Seconds to help you find your Phone)

3. ring mobile  (Automatically changes your Profile to NORMAL)

4. contacts backup (your Application Password).  (Sends all the contacts as an SMS One-by-One to the two specified PHONE NUMBERS ANONYMOUSLY)

5. (phone number)  (Just type any one of the two numbers specified in your preferences page to get your forgotten password)

6. mobile data enable (your Application Password).  (Enables your phones MOBILE DATA)

7. mobile gps enable (your Application Password)  (Sends an SMS about your phones MOBILE GPS DATA)

8. contacts erase (your Application Password)  (Erases your phones PHONE CONTACTS)
9. sdcard erase (your Application Password)  (Erases your phones SDCARD STORAGE)
10. sms erase (your Application Password)  (Erases your phones SMS).

Additional Information:

1. The App tracks mobile sim card change and notifies the user.

2. The app user will be notified to two mobile numbers which he has entered in the Preferences Page.

3. Sms will be sent to the two numbers registered, the details contain Changed Sim Details-such as his Operator Name, Operator Cell - ID, Cell - Address(Not Exact Location, Ofcourse)

4. The Ultimate Sms allows you to take backup of your contacts remotely by sending a default code and a password which you set in your preferences page.

5. Send encrypted SMS by holding Send SMS button upto 1-2 seconds.

6. To manage your personalized Inbox, all you have to do is goto the inbox from the main page of Ultimate SMS Lite app and press settings menu button of your android phone. And then add phone numbers from your contact book by holding text box provided and then click the Contact icon button beside text box to add number to your Private / Spam list respectively.

7. To encrypt / decrypt any message just hold any message in your inbox page to see a small dialog box with five options, choose from the list encrypt / decrypt with the password you gave in the preferences page.

App Tips:
1. Many App Killer applications kill unnecessary background applications, so to restart the applications background service manually just type reload and press Send SMS button.
2. In some older versions of android localized language setting doesn't apply after saving preferences in your preferences page, so dont worry you can use the above tool tip to restart the application.

Google Play :- Ultimate SMS Lite

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